Healthy Benefits of a Home Garden

With food prices always on the rise, gardening at home has become an activity that most individuals want to adopt. Home gardening can also be taken up as a hobby for those who enjoy the outdoors. Apart from saving money, gardening guarantees that only healthy fruits and vegetables are consumed.

One of the benefits that result from gardening is relief of stress. This is as a result of gardening being a form of exercise. Recognition of growing gardens gives individuals a sense of achievement and encouragement. The gardener retains a more positive mental outlook, decreased rate of depression, lowered blood pressure, and even lowered cholesterol. Looking at a garden is known to generate changes in the individual’s blood pressure, muscle tension, activity of the heart and even brain. The different colors of the plants evoke emotions such as happiness and tranquility. Having a garden at home is therefore a form of therapy for an individual’s mental and physical state. Gardening can also be an added activity for seniors and children who lack physical exercise. A home garden reduces the incidence of obesity.

Another benefit of gardening is that it encourages children to eat healthier. This is by means of a variety of fruits and vegetables being available. Included is the consumption of whole foods instead of processed foods. A vegetable garden ensures what is being consumed is always fresh. There is comfort in the knowledge that the food consumed does not have high doses of pesticides and fertilizers which can have a serious effect on health. A home garden offers extra food for the family and a reduction in food expenses. The garden produce can also potentially become an added source of income for the family.

Gardening also promotes the environment to go green. The plants in the garden act as air cleaners by absorbing carbon dioxide along with other various air pollutants. The plants in turn release oxygen and reduce the effects of soil erosion. Gardens in the home can cool down temperatures in summer as well as warm it in winter. Another benefit of gardening is that it can be a fun activity for the whole family. This is a money saving activity for families who love the outdoors yet do not want to unnecessarily spend money. A garden can be considered an all around healthy investment which will add to the appeal of the home and increase its overall value.